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Apr 17, 2016
So I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia the other day as I wanted to experiment and she happens to offer the services I want to experiment with. I'm a very adventurous person however I swing more toward the domination role as opposed to submissive and in this particular situation, she fits perfect because i silently want to be domed and she's posted as offering services in this field. I thought I would give her Servicesxx a try and I'm super glad I did. After a very pleasant conversation on the phone in which we discussed restrictions and general idea around what was a respectable donation,xx I proceeded to invite her over and she was on time!xx This was an awesome way to start!! Let it be said that I was already impressed with her beauty, however her photos dont give her justice because what I saw at the door made me pause like I got the wrong person at the door!! She was twice as beautiful as any photograph could capture.....I was very pleased and got a instant hard on! Now some of you have read my past posts may remember from that old conversation , that I usualy start off with old "today is just a conversation day" to get me out of any of obligation if the person doesn't seem proper or like they have advertised, but in this case this did not apply at all! Now upon letting her into the unit she smelled absolutely delicious recently showered and you could tell by her appearance she had invested the time in making herself look beautiful for the call. I am not a label junkie but I notice when people spend money on how they look, and this was no wallmart shopper. ....spoke of confidance and power....both which emenated from her, the attraction of which started calling my cock like a lighthouse in the storm! At this point I had not indicated to her desire my disire to be dominated as I found a very primitive Disire came over me that I had little control of....the cave man in me came out...and once I felt her cum, it was game over for Mr nice guy .....and some transformation happened. After some time past I woke up very satisfied and happy to see she had lived through the ordeal, not only that but she actualyxx had a grin as we chilled beside eachother catching our breath! As I expected the services she provided this day where exceptional as her beauty was,xx and we ended our time together both feeling mutually gratified by the situation I have since seen her on two other occasions and she blessed me by wearing uniforms catering to my fetishes however I'm still not getting the courage to ask her to dominate me which will be my next step. Great personality educated mind beautiful looks and a professionalism that is to be recommended to anybody looking for this kind of service I never once felt that I could not leave her alone in my apartment and to be honest with you I did check to see what her behaviour was like when I was not in the room and she was exceptional. 2 date was a dinner date at which I almost had to fight her to pay for the bill!!! this surprised the heck out of me and speaks highly of her personality! Once again for all you hobbiests,xx I'll stake my reputation on her and her Services, she is well worth the time and the money!
Sophia kiss
Sophia Kiss I finally had the opportunity of seeing Sophia K again when our schedules matched up. She advertises occasionally on BP, has an ad on redzone and a yellow pages ad (so she tells me.) Sophia is a night owl, starting later in the day and into the early morning hours. She is a tall slender red head, small breasted, with legs that go from here to heaven. She greets you at the door, in lingerie, and to top it off, heels or platform shoes, that just accentuates her height, legs, and figure. Towering over me she is Galadriel to my dwarf. She knows it, She uses it, and you're trapped in her spell. I am not going to go into a great amount of detail, but once you get upstairs and she stretches out on the bed, in that black slinky outfit, gleam in those blue eyes, she's like a jaguar about to have a snack. Contrary to her name, Sophia doesn't kiss. She actually is very safety conscious, but I am not complaining...Oh No! You don't notice much of anything once she wraps herself around you, brings out the toys etc etc. I am a fan of DATY, and we have done that before, we didn't last night. I just don't think Sophia is that into it. I believe that she prefers to get down to the main event. Not rushing mind you, just WANTS to get down to the main event. At that point, words fail me. Between her teasing, changes in movement, depth, toys, and her humor she is like a jungle cat having her way with you. And the expression "Kegal grip of Steele" comes to mind. Sophia is not a clock watcher (be warned she tends to run a xxxxxxxxxxxx late), but after the main event, there is no rush. Just tend to talk and joke around a bit, easy to talk to, funny, intelligent. I don't know if MSOG is on the table as I am practically looking for oxygen tank after spending more than an hour with her. Maybe she is just being kind in giving me recovery time. Sophia is just one incredible woman, if you treat her right, she'll take you along for the ride.
Thumbs up sophia kiss 519-589-9051 face: 8 body: 9 tall and slim, silky skin, small natural tits service: 9.9 lfk, daty, very patient, would be 10+ if she provides dfk and bbbj:) personality 10 simply sweet! Default I echo the OPs comments. I have seen Sophie 3 times.... laid back... easy breezy..... ..... is that not one of the tiniest ... cutest pussies you have ever seen? If I remember correctly North KW area? Private discrete location... Default I saw Sophia 3 years back. She was one of the first girls I saw when I started my hobbying. I remember she was extremely attractive and had one of the nicest pussies ever! Unfortunately, I came really fast and she was actually upset with me cuz she was enjoying it haha Didn't go see her again after Default Awesome girl. No clock watching with her. Great conversation and service. Wish I had more time to hobby and go back to see her. I second that! Had a great experience with her I saw her just before Christmas. Private location in Kitchener. Her pussy is really tight and I mean it becz I have tried a lot of women on here and she beats them hands down! Its cbj and no dfk aka SAFE everything...But takes good care of her! I would definitely see her again and she's tall with those heels she was over 6ft!
Default Sophia Kiss -- had a fun time Well, I have not posted for a long time, and this lady has been reviewed many times in the past, but thursday night was such a random good time that I thought I would post a quick review. I happened to be up late, and was just randomly trolling on BP and saw Sophia Kiss's ad -- and even though she has been on many TTT lists, I had never gone to see her (perhaps in part to my preference for a curvier build) Texted her and got a quick reply -- arranged to come see her -- made my way to a quiet, private residence (a bit hard to find the driveway in the dark) -- she met me at the door dressed in full sexy lingerie, in high heels, towering over me, looking every inch the sexy minx that she is -- led me into her bedroom, light up some incense and told me that she would soon have me hot and sweaty (it was cold Thursday night) The clothes soon came off, and even though she is quite slim and toned, she does have some very nice curves -- and an amazingly firm, heart shaped ass. As far as her breasts -- they match her build perfectly, and those nipples are just perfect to suck on when they get hard. Its hard to explain her attitude -- she is very open, very bubbly, and has the ability that all of the TTT ladies have -- she made me truly believe that she was enjoying her time with me -- never felt rushed, never felt awkward -- just sexy fun. We started off with a little back rub, then flipped over for some cbj. When she asked me what position I liked, we decided on cowgirl -- and then used the line " go slow -- you are so thick" -- -- and even though I am sure she says this to all the guys, and I am not big or thick, by any stretch of the imagination, it came across as genuine, and she is so tight that it can make even us "normal" size guys feel like studs -- We then tried mish, and then doggy -- which is where we both worked up a sweat, and it felt amazing. I then took off the condom and finished on those perky breasts and nipples. During the whole time, we shared some light kissing (she said she enjoys that -- just no tongue) and lots of touching. She knows just how to move her body, and position it for maximum effect, so that all of her assets are displayed to their best effect. After we were done there was a wet wash cloth, a hand massage (yes, she rubbed and massaged my fingers and palms...........), some nice chatting and then my half hour was up. I have to say that even though her body type is completely different from my normal "type", I really enjoyed my time with her, and will definitely repeat. Damage was 100 for hh, cbj, light kissing, daty (clean, fresh and tasty), multiple positions, and a very warm and open attitude. She is on the TTT list for a reason -- just a very sweet young lady